Mars Assisted Reef Restoration System

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Publicado: 10 Mayo 2021
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The Mars Assisted Reef Restoration Solution is a low-cost community-based reef restoration solution that is rapid and scalable. Our supply-chain approach to reef restoration diversifies and maximises community participation. We choose appropriate sites around the world and work closely with local communities and partners to rebuild reefs on degraded rubble fields. We use hexagonal 'Reef Star' structures, each with 15 sustainably harvested coral fragments attached. We deploy Reef Stars in an interlocking web across rubble beds - it is possible to install >5000 coral fragments per day. The web of Reef Stars stabilises loose rubble and provides a platform for rapid coral growth and full reef development within 3 years. We monitor socio-ecological performance and have developed a training programme for marine park managers, conservation practitioners and tourism operators. More information is at our website


América Central
El Caribe
Sudeste Asiático
Escala de aplicación
Arrecifes coralinos
Ecosistemas marinos y costeros
Actores locales
Ciencia y investigación
Fragmentación del hábitat y degradación
Medios de vida sostenibles
Urban and Disaster Risk Management
Resilience and disaster risk management
Pérdida de la biodiversidad
Acidificación de los océanos
Aumento del nivel del mar
Ciclones tropicales / tifones
Pérdida de ecosistemas
Falta de capacidad técnica
Objectivos de Desarrollo Sostenible
ODS 14 - Vida submarina
Metas de Aichi
Meta 1: Aumento de la sensibilization sobre la biodiversidad
Meta 5: Pérdida de hábitat reducida a la mitad o reducida
Meta 10: Ecosistemas vulnerables al cambio
Meta 15: Restauración de ecosistemas y resiliencia
Enfoques para el compromiso empresarial
Compromiso directo con una empresa


Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia | Mexico, Australia

Impactos positivos

Environmentally, we see rapid coral growth, leading to 12x increases in coral cover and full reef development within 3 years. We also see increases in fish abundance and biomass, and the return of charismatic fauna such as turtles and sharks.

Socio-economically, we facilitate high levels of involvement and engagement with community-led conservation and restoration. This creates opportunities for employment, skills development, education, sustianable development and community empowerment. 

Further details of our impacts are available at our website

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