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Unsustainable agricultural practices remain one of the greatest threats to ecosystems and biodiversity. As the world population grows and climate change continues to threaten livelihoods, we have to find agricultural production methods that support farmers and the environment we all rely on.


The good news is these solutions already exist: From modern beekeepers who work on reviving ancient local wisdom to mobile apps that connect rural farmers with urban consumers.


For the PANORAMA theme Agriculture and Biodiversity, three initiatives designed to identify, analyse and scale biodiversity-friendly farming practices have joined forces: GIZ’s Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Agrarian Landscapes, Rare’s Farming for Biodiversity, and IFOAM - Organics International.


The Global Project Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Agrarian Landscapes evaluates effective pro-biodiversity land-use practices in agriculture and implements them through pilot activities. Lessons learned will be collated, analysed and disseminated at regional and national levels.


Read more on the GIZ website and on the


Through Farming for Biodiversity, Rare launched a hunt for the brightest ideas bringing together agriculture and nature conservation. During the next phases, the Farming for Biodiversity team will work with local solution providers in up to eight countries on communicating and scaling their initiatives.


The two projects are supported by the German Environment Ministry’s International Climate Initiative (BMUB IKI).


View all 338 local solutions identified through Solution Search –  Farming for Biodiversity.


Read more about Rare’s work in agriculture here.

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