REGISTER NOW for a 90-minute Orientation session on using PANORAMA’s new Uptake Stories Feature ! 

09 December 2021 Aissa Traore
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Join PANORAMA Team for a 90-minute Orientation session on using PANORAMA’s new Uptake Stories Feature! 


The Uptake Feature is an innovative new feature on the PANORAMA platform that easily allows solution seekers to tell their stories of applying solutions to new contexts.  This orientation session will feature the Blue Uptake Champions discussing their use of the Uptake Feature and will offer breakout groups to discuss and provide in depth information on Uptake Stories. 

The event will be held online, on December 15, from 15:00 – 16:30 pm CET 

For more information on the event, please see the following agenda: 

3:00 PM :Welcome remarks by the PANORAMA Secretariat 

3:10 PM :The Uptake Feature Live 

3:15 PM :Blue Champions and their Uptake Stories 

3:30 PM :Exchange: Challenges and Opportunities for Uptake 

4:15 PM :Outlook and Closing Remarks 


To register, please follow this link: click here