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How do you know that solutions can be replicated across different sectors and regions?

Solutions published on the platform can be recombined and replicated (adapted as needed) by other practitioners because Full Solution includes building blocks. The building blocks are the key success factors elements and strategic indicators that made the solutions successful and relevant. Breaking down the solution into its key components allows other practitioners to combine different success factors known as Building blocks and therefore adapted the information to their challenges. This helps to facilitate the reused in different geographical, social or sectoral context. Click here to read more information about Uptake Feature

Why should we publish our solutions on the PANORAMA web Platform?

PANORAMA is about best practices your organisation can proudly promote, share and gain recognition. Publishing your solution on the PANORAMA platform gives you visibility and exposure to a large network of practitioners but also partners and donors around the world. It is also your contribution to a positive impact to be replicated in multiple locations for more impact.

Which languages are in use within PANORAMA?

There are 3 official languages: English, French and Spanish. Supporting communications in many languages means that solution providers can access and better understand the PANORAMA Platform and the secretariat work. Solution providers can interact with the 3 languages by, for example, submitting solutions or requesting information.

How do you measure the impact of PANORAMA?

Since the website launch in 2016, the PANORAMA web-platform collected hundreds of solutions from around the world and connected several solutions seekers to solutions providers through the platform. PANORAMA partnership contributes to Sustainable Development Goals as a multi-actors' partnership, it operates under SDG 17 (partnerships for the goals) and disseminates knowledge and best practices by publishing successful solutions.

Can projects led by governments or private sector entities be uploaded as solutions on the PANORAMA platform?

The PANORAMA web platform is an open and accessible database where principally everyone can register and upload their draft solutions. Solutions then undergo review (quality assurance), and the solution provider might be requested to make revisions before the solution is published. PANORAMA also reserves the right to decline solutions for publication if they don't adhere to our criteria.

How can PANORAMA confirm the success of a solution?

Before publication on the platform, all PANORAMA solutions are undergoing a review process. This is done by expert reviewers who are practitioners in the selected field according to the region and the language. They ensure a consistent quality check of the solutions portfolio and support the solution providers in self-identifying the core success factors.

How do you define innovative and successful solutions for PANORAMA?

A solution that understood the need of the target regarding biodiversity conservation and contribute to a relevant thematic, demonstrated impact and can be replicable and/or scalable. You can find more information here in our Manual

How do you protect Solution providers data on the platform?

Aligning with to EU data protection rules, PANORAMA guarantees the protection of your personal data on the web platform as set in the declaration of consent you accepted when registering. As the protection of personal data is very important, this declaration explains what data relating to registered users of the platform is stored and the purpose for which it is used and EU GDPR compliance.

Is PANORAMA interested in small projects as we see global projects and initiatives funded by big donors

PANORAMA website is an open and accessible platform and everyone can register and upload their solutions– principally, anyone representing any organization can contribute a solution. Users of the PANORAMA platform mainly represent Civil Societies Organizations (big and small) who access the latest experiences and lessons learned.

As a global platform, how does PANORAMA benefit to local people?

PANORAMA is divided into "thematic communities", targeting different groups of practice, it brings together professionals and activists sharing their experiences to take advantage of mutual learning and improve their actions. The thematic community aims to help Civil Societies Organizations access the latest experiences and lessons learned, so that they can engage more effectively. As of now, we have 9 thematic communities. You can find more information about the thematic communities Link to the page Thematic community.

How to be part of PANORAMA?

If you wish to contribute one or several solutions, you can simply do so by uploading them on the platform, provided they are a thematic fit for any of the existing Thematic Communities.

Everyone can volunteer to be PANORAMA ambassador, a title awarded to practitioners who fully support the PANORAMA initiative and well-connected within their community. Send a message to if you’d like to know more.  

Thematic community coordination is an “entry door” into PANORAMA partnership initiative for different communities of practice. It is actively expanding to include further topics and new partners. “Partner” refers to an entity engaged in coordinating a specific thematic community, alone or as part of a consortium with other partners. These entities can be units from within the existing PANORAMA partner institutions, or new external institutions. If you’d like to collaborate with PANORAMA in other ways, e.g. around advancing the knowledge sharing methodology, please send an email to to discuss further to define the exact collaboration interest from both sides, whether any degree of formalization is required, specific next steps for operationalizing the collaboration etc.

Who are the PANORAMA partners?

The PANORAMA partnership is based on a diverse set of partners with different roles and responsibilities:

IUCN and GIZ, as the initiating organizations of the partnership, constitute the PANORAMA secretariat and assume particular responsibility for the long-term development of the PANORAMA partnership.

Solution Providers and Seekers are individuals representing communities, projects or organizations who document their own experiences as a solution, or visit the platform seeking inspiration from solutions published already. Thematic Community Coordinators are institutions, organizations, units within organizations or consortia of institutions who manage a thematic community. Development Partners provide resources, visibility and/or political support. You can find more information about the partnership here (link to the page about)